Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pip, Ministry, and Sovereignty!

Blessings from a very hot Western Cape! We have been experiencing the worst drought in over 60 years... Oh Lord let it rain, let it rain.

Pip's last MRI was very unexpected for us all. After a few months of minimal growth the tumor showed a 50% increase in growth. We were all hoping she would be able to gain weight and be stronger before chemo started. The doctors believe her weight hasn't gone up probably to the tumor. Her eyesight looks good and that is very good news. This past week Pip had a port put in and had her first chemo treatment. She had a small allergic reaction to one of the meds but pulled through like a champ. She'll now have treatments once a week for a year. Pray for Andy and Heidi as they steward through this new normal... also for the siblings, Charlie and Margot.

Last week at church I was overcome by so many challenges and a brother came up and said he heard me declaring a passage from Habakkuk 3:17-19. I began to shout it out loud commanding my spirit to attention:
The nations praying for Pip!

Though the cherry trees don’t blossom
    and the strawberries don’t ripen,
Though the apples are worm-eaten
    and the wheat fields stunted,
Though the sheep pens are sheepless
    and the cattle barns empty,
I’m singing joyful praise to God.
    I’m turning cartwheels of joy to my Savior God.
Counting on God’s Rule to prevail,
    I take heart and gain strength.
I run like a deer.
    I feel like I’m king of the mountain!  MSG

A song a friend of ours wrote has been such a blessing, Sovereign Over Us by Aaron Keyes. I encourage you to check it out on Youtube.

We have started a Gofundme campaign so that we can fly out 3 or 4 times during this year to help, encourage and simply to be present. Here's the link... If you want to give through YWAM for the deduction just click on our donate tab and follow the directions. We also have Paypal as a way to give...

Our home continues to be the retreat and Grand Central station for the nations that God dreamed with us...missionaries and people in ministry especially, are refreshed, renewed and encounter the living, loving, healing presence of Abba.  People from these nations have visited in the past few months…Germany, Sweden, America, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Ghana, Norway...and the list goes on!!!

Thank you for your prayers and support of us!  Through your partnership we are co-laborers in building up the body, 'mending nets’ for fishers of men, empowering leaders to go back to their sphere’s of influence to bring life, hope, and love. 
Rich celebrating his 60th!

Prayer needs:
*Pip, her family 
*Our granddaughter, Tove, broke her wrist and is a cast
*Our grandson, Walker, had a bicycle accident and has stitches in his leg
*Financial support…we’ve taken a few hits lately  
*Strength, wisdom and energy to pour into people that come our way

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Philippa Jane's Journey for us all...

Little over a month ago we received the news that Pip had an inoperable brain tumor. We flew the next day to join our kids with the heart to help and encourage in anyway possible. We are now in a time of waiting. She was scheduled today for an MRI which would've given our kids the information needed to decide on treatment options. Unfortunately she came down with a cold and chest cough and wasn't able to have the tests. She has been rescheduled for January 9th. We continue to pray she gains weight and eats well and for the peace that passes all understanding for Heidi and Andy. It's been amazing to see the strength of Andy and Heidi as they go through this time... and the help Ben and Becca
(brother and sister married to brother and sister) have provided... and they live 6 houses away!

The other day Lynn asked me if I was depressed. It's important in life to not just blow off a question from someone who knows you. I began to process this and it took me immediately to a time when we needed to cross a 6 mile sand dune to get to an amazing beach town in Mozambique. We couldn't travel over the sand because our tires were too thin and needed more width. So we got a taxi ride from an old rocker dude. He proceeded to let out almost all the air in his tires so he could get as much tread on the sand as possible thus transporting more weight onto the sand. It was amazing to see 8 of us piling into an old land cruiser with pretty much flat tires and making it over the 6 miles of dunes to our beach destination.

I'm not an expert on depression but I got a simple picture.... just let the air out of all you are carrying and let me breath life and carry you to amazing places your heart has always wanted to go! It's funny, when I was young I wanted my tires to be overfilled and tall and they never lasted as long as advertised. But if you deflate to recommended pressure they last longer and touch so much more of the road and journey.

I turn 60 in just a few days and I celebrate that in the past 25 years I've slowed down enough to listen more than talk, ask questions more than give opinion, and just perhaps deflate my tires enough to go through difficult terrains... like our present family hardship. Again, I'm not an expert on depression but I'm learning to listen to the Spirit of my heart and discover there are new adventures all around me and that perhaps my depression is a releasing of the air pressure so I can have better traction to go to the places in my spirit not yet celebrated or embraced.

Our home has continued to be a place of hope, encouragement, rebuilding, and restoration! Even in

our absence our dear friends, Tyron and Heidi Isaacs, have carried on our spiritual gift of hospitality and visiting teams at our home have carried it on further; one group hosting a YWAM team of over 50 people with meals, love feasts, movies, popcorn, and moments of prayer and worship at our house... SO GREAT!!!!

We are holding our schedule  lightly so we can be available to help our kids through this time. As it comes to the end of the year we would be honored if you would playfully and prayerfully consider financially giving to help with our costs here in Washington as well as back home in South Africa. We'll need to take a few more trips home for brief times of planning and helping with teams when they arrive and also take care of regular house maintenance stuff. As year end comes perhaps you can partner with us in your giving and prayers. We also want to thank all who have already given in tis season, we are so grateful!

You can directly give in these ways: Direct checks send to Lynn Hodge C/O Heidi Stuhlmiller 4217 S Ivory St Spokane, WA 99203-6251. Paypal account is our email address,  YWAM giving go to our blog... and click on the donate tab and follow the careful directions on how to give to us through YWAM as a tax deduction.

We appreciate your prayers and love for all of us and encourage you in this season to rest in the joy of waiting! "Because He is our cornerstone those who trust are never in a hurry" Isa 28:14.... "and wait long enough to be astonished" Hab. 1:5

Enjoy this time of year with your family and friends!

Love, Rich and Lynn 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Blessing at Adullum

This is what I love about my home…that people are blessed by being here.  We have it in our hearts to spoil people when they come to visit.  Part of that spoiling is the beautiful space with an ocean view and all the greenery in the garden. It truly feels like a retreat from the world.

We’ve just hosted a group of 24 - leaders and their students from various schools and communities.  Their visit actually started out pretty rough….a phone was stolen, but recovered quickly!  God is so redeeming, their stay ended being a special time for the entire group.   The students hadn’t been to such a beautiful home before AND even got to visit the ocean...some for the first time!

Loving on our guests through hospitality - making sure they have what they need to enjoy their stay, welcoming them with a gift bag and a smile.  We want their spirit’s filled up as well as their belly’s!  We go out of our way to serve yummy meals and spoil them with special treats.

Talking around the table is another part of the blessing - getting to know each other and see what Abba is up to.  Having a chance to tell our story and boast of what the Father has done!  (Psalm 40:5, 9-10)  Through out their stay, we continue listening to the Father during conversations - stopping to pray for His healing touch, giving an encouraging word, seeing their faith rise.

Hearing the different stories of how touched they were by being in our home encourages us… from hope restored over a loved one, thanks for being taken care of with healthy meals, encouragement to believe God for more, blessing of being celebrated, peaceful space enjoyed, and renewed and restored health.  We get blessed by our visitors as much as they get blessed by us!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

'Grand Central' Adullum

When welcoming guests to Adullum I feel like we’re part of a movie!  Opening the gate and letting them experience the beauty, I get excited showing the place off!  We’ve been busy giving tours to friends and guests…after being in our home only a few days, we hosted a dinner party!  We barely had our living areas set up…[our friend, Tacie, came to help - her goal:  our space set up before she left…so she pushed us hard:)!]

We had our first official visitors to Adullum, a Brazilian family of 4, after being in our home just 3 weeks!  Why wait?!   People from 12 nations have come through our home in the first 6 weeks!  We’ve hosted YWAM Circle gatherings, held dinner parties, hosted missionaries that needed rest, and provided a place for a family to get away.  Remembering our years in White River, we had people from over 40 nations come through our home!  

There’s a sense of “Grand Central Station” over Adullum…someone had a picture that we’ll open our door and there will be a line of people, waiting to get in.  Psalm 2:8 “ask of Me and I will give You the nations as Your inheritance…”  Amazing the nations that will come to us, that we get to pour into and extend the Father’s love.  Having conversations, making meals together, sitting by the fire - even walking along the beach.

How blessed we are to live in a place of retreat and to provide retreat for many.  We are excited to welcome the friends we’ll meet from many nations.  We will be busy!

We're headed off to the states in a few weeks to secure our new 3 year visa's and appreciate your prayers. We're also going to be ministering and speaking in various places and if you have any connections and want us to come and minister or meet someone please let us know. We'll be in NYC, SC, WA, CA, TX, and Vegas. Also be praying for Lynn. She needs to see a Dermatologist in the states and get checked for a problem with her hands in which they often go numb.... pray for healing.

We are so blessed and grateful,  Rich and Lynn

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Change versus Constant

We’ve had change and transition with our traveling these past 2 years.  Packing and unpacking.  Departing and arriving.  New faces and names to remember!  Time zones and jet lag.  

It’s been a season of seeing God’s ‘mercies new every morning’.  
He’s given grace for the adventure of change and movement!  
I, for one, don’t really enjoy change.  But nearing the end of our nomadic journey I started to wonder if I wanted to be ‘constant’…was I getting used to migrating from place to place?!

Constant - ‘not changing, regular, continuing without pause or let up, steadfast, stable’… We are gladly developing rhythms in our ‘constant’ now that we are HOME!  Our own bed.  Our 
own pillows.  Cozy morning spot for reading (and coffee!)...  

Evening fire, popcorn and a movie.  

Making connections through golf.  
Walking to town.  
Walking to the next town!  
Being part of a small group.
Our own kitchen.  Hosting
people in our own home.  

Being able to celebrate both the wandering and the stops is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and presence in our lives.  There will still be travel, but we are ready for the adventure and treasures to be found in both the change and the constant. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Many know of pain early on in marriage, we also experienced struggles and (thankfully) we chose not to give up, but slowly (and painfully) walked into healing.

After entering a season of ‘great sadness’,  I realized I was a broken, baggage carrying, wall-keeping woman.  In that time, I not only chose forgiveness, I received forgiveness.  All those years ago, thinking in my own limited thoughts, that ‘forgiveness’ was finished!  Jesus had used that same phrase, surely it applies to my forgiving!  Ha!

I was journeying from the “wow, my character must be pretty bad if God has to keep working on me” to “ wow,  He loves me so much that He won’t leave me with these character flaws!”  In times of peace and times of chaos, God continued to train me up, receiving forgiveness...extending forgiveness.

While in a time of worship on my face before the Lord, (10 years later) God showed me that I had a ‘choke hold’ on Rich, wanting him to pay!  Ouch!  It was in my own DTS, I realized my forgiveness was needing to go deeper.  Again, choosing to love and forgive.  Again, thinking surely this time it is finished, how can it go any deeper!

Fast forward another 9 years...because of the nature of our ministry together, we are constantly faced with the choice to actually walk out the Father’s heart towards each other.  From the hurt caused early on in my life and then in our marriage, God showed me I had been keeping a part of my heart “protected” not wanting to be hurt again.  In a time of prayer I felt a “poverty mindset” fall off...that my thoughts weren’t coming from a negative place, expecting to be hurt, but from a place of knowing I’m loved and chosen.

There’s been a new freedom, a breath of fresh air, the walking out “a hope deferred”.  We’ve had young people say we act like newly weds!  YES!  We will take that!  And knowing the journey will continue deeper into the Father’s heart for us..we walk.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Adullam is our Home... a home for the nations!

Today we received confirmation that the home in Fish Hoek transferred into our name! Adullam is our home and a home for the nations. The story is drenched in the providence of a Father who is so good and as Paul said, "the blessed controller of all things".

On May 1st the lawyers needed to lodge the transfer at the deeds office 10 to 12 business days before the actual transfer. It takes that long to process the paperwork. We wired the funds for transfer last month in time for the deeds office to have the transfer ready by May 1st. Our realtor said she has never seen what happened with our transfer in 21 years! When property is lodged by the lawyers it ONLY happens when all the funds to purchase are present in the escrow account. Our lawyers went ahead and lodged the transfer WITHOUT the funds being in our account... crazy good:) At the same time the deeds office, for some unknown reason to our lawyers and realtor, didn't process the transfer in a timely manner. Needing the 10 to 12 business days to process meant that our transfer date was pushed back from the May 1st closing date. During this confusion we sent a note to our lawyer, realtor, and the sellers letting them know that our funds weren't going to be in by May 1st. It was unbelievable... they all wrote back encouraging words and the date was moved to May 9th.  At this point the transfer was still being held up and our funds were not available on the 9th so we asked for an extension to the 11th. Bottom line... people gave and loaned us the funds we needed by Monday and it was transferred... today the transfer popped up at the deeds office and the house is in our name!!!!

After 2 years of traveling and living out of suitcases we are going home. We'll fly to Cape Town on the 24th and arrive on the 25th at 12:15pm. We'll have a friend pick us up at the airport with our vehicle and head to our home and start unpacking. We'll get our things out of storage and begin looking for furniture for the 7 bedrooms of Adullam.  :)

Pray with us as we transition back to South Africa. Pray for favor in relationships with various ministries, churches, and organizations. Pray for Abba's leading to places where we can get furniture and things we need for the home and the funds to cover those furnishings. Pray for health and rest as we get settled and look to host teams, families, and leaders.

We are overwhelmed at the goodness and kindness of the Father in our lives. We are so grateful for each and everyone of you who prayed, gave, and loaned us what we needed to make Adullam a reality. You all share in this story. You all are vested in this dream.

When God does something monumental make a monument... everyone one of you are living stones built on the cornerstone which forms the foundation of what we are calling Adullam, thank you!

Love, Rich and Lynn