Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kruger weekend... do you have a boat ready?

A few weekends ago we enjoyed an amazing time in the park with our friends, Tony and Maureen Tanner. It's the first time we have stayed in the park. The lodging was self catering so we enjoyed sharing meals together over an open fire and loved the quite evenings. On one of our drives in the park we stopped for a morning breakfast. We rented a propane pan and cooked omelets with all the extra's... it was so fun to cook and eat in such a beautiful setting. And of course we ended our meal with tea... there is always tea:)

The park has a few spots where you can get out of your car but there are many signs reminding you that it is still the wild. So we looked for elephants and made sure we kept our distance....

 Lynn was still holding on for dear life... as if Rich could go up against an elephant... don't answer that!


Good for us he came along when we we're already back in the car...

When we go to the park we always ask God to parade His creation in front of us.... and He answered:)

 This cheetah sighting was amazing and a special gift to all of us. Cheetah sightings are extremely rare with only a few hundred in the entire park. He walked right in front of our vehicle and sat down looking into the bush at some movement....dinner time was near!

We enjoyed a few magnificent days with God's creation and our dear friends. I was reminded of what Jesus said to his disciples when the crowds we're pressing into Him (Mark 3:9). Jesus had them get a boat ready because he was being crowded... wow. Is that comforting, even Jesus felt crowded. The park was a great boat for us when we needed one most. When life crowds you... your work, ministry, family... whatever it might be it would benefit you a great deal to have a boat ready. What's your boat? As you look at your coming months and the demands on your life we pray that you'll be intentional to ready a boat..... a daily row is good too!

The days we shared together were so relaxing and were so grateful for our friends blessing us with such a gift!



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