Friday, October 1, 2010

Love, Eat, Pray

 A few weeks ago college students from the YoungNak church in LA came and stayed with us. We had a great time loving on these young adults... Sunny, Daniel, Diane, and Joyce. We brought them with us to experience a typical day in our lives.... we visited the government hospital in a local township where Ncobile, a young volunteer mom, was talking care of her daughter, Hendrika. Hendrika's leg was badly burned when she reached out to grab a scolding hot cup of tea from her's mom's hand. Love expands in us and finds a greater playground to roam and play when we open our hearts to the sufferings of others... and every act of love is a violent assault on the lies that tell us were alone in this world and no one cares when we suffer and go through hardships... amazing silly grace that He chooses us to bring that kind of love.... love is never a neutral act... may we be ferocious in love!

Of course we ate:) Lynn taught the kids how to bake and make all sorts of great "white food". We love Korean food and enjoyed a special meal they prepared for us but their highlight was the non-korean food:))

And we prayed.... we visited a few of our friends in the community and prayed for healing and hope in the midst of a disease which respects no-one. Not a mother with young teenage girls, not a father who is out of work, not a college student with hopes for a future, not a family who has opened their home to the hungry and vulnerable, or a lone orphan who just lost his only remaining sibling.... so we pray, and we cry, and we hope.... 

People often ask... so what do you do? The bottom line probably wouldn't look so good if your looking for conversions, baptisms, church plants, communities evangelized.... that would certainly sell better in the traditional sense and most likely bring more support... at least there tangible results. What we do is who we are... we build relationships... have cups of tea, moments of prayer, wasting time with each other and God... loving, eating, and praying.

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