Saturday, December 4, 2010

Resume of relationships

Our first church out of college brought us to a growing community in Fremont, California. We remember the interviews and questions we fielded from the elders during the hiring process and the friendships which came out of this journey. One relationship in particular has meant a great deal to us.... Charlie and Kris Albertalli. We have shared many stories together through the years... some in war and many in celebration. As fate would have it they raised 3 boys who have in turn begun their own families. It has been our joy to take part in each wedding and celebration and Rich was honored to officiate at each one of these ceremonies! 

The first wedding was AJ and Jackie's wedding on a beautiful southern California beach.... it was a cold, windy, sunny evening and everybody loved it! Today AJ and Jackie are raising twin boys, Aiden and Conner.

The second wedding was Charlie Jr. and Jill which took place on a record hot day in Sacramento, California in an amazing old church with no air-conditioning. Today they are the proud parents of two beautiful girls, Camryn and Sadie.

Through our friendship with Charlie and Kris we were introduced to their close friends, Bob and Sue Fisher. They along with their son Paul have attended every epic Albertalli wedding bash. Interesting enough, AJ and Paul are best friends and Rich spoke at their spiritual emphasis week when they were both in the 8th grade at a christian school. It was at Charlie Jr's wedding that Paul Fisher was called out by God... or someone blaming God... to "step up and marry the girl"

.... and so Paul and Ranee were married the next summer using the backdrop of a San Diego marina, a wonderful sun set, and an occasional jogger and spectator moving through the scene. They enjoy the laughter and joy of their little girl, Madison.

Which brings us to the last Albertalli son, Luke. A few weeks ago on a somewhat cold and blustery night Luke and Maria were joined in marriage as the sun set on a beautiful beach in Florida. The joy for us was to see how all our relationships came together during this weekend party.... we celebrated with Charlie and Kris, AJ and Jackie, Charlie Jr and Jill, Bob and Sue, Paul and Renee, and Luke and Maria.

I love the fact that when God introduces Himself it's in relationship.... "I'm the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob".... "David, he's My friend and a man after My heart". We all have many accomplishments we could point to in recognition of our success and worth but perhaps the greatest marker in life is the people you know and who know you. Relationships are the celebration of our very existence... today take time and waste it on someone. Invest your life by giving, honor your heart by listening, build a resume of relationships. 

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