Monday, May 16, 2011


Rich and I spent the afternoon sitting quietly with the Lord...each in a separate place in the Botanical Gardens...having a silence and solitude with the Lord.  At one point I was asking God, what do you think about me????  I felt like I heard Him say...daughter - beautiful, loved, wanted, cared for.  That started me thinking how I feel about our daughters - they are beautiful, precious, loved.  I got a sweet note from our youngest daughter for Mother's Day...part of it said "I love all the memories I have of you...I love when all it took when I had a nighmare was to tell you about my dream, get a hug and kiss and then back to bed...I love when people say that I sound like you, look like you or act like you." 
Rich and I were able to help Kathryn in her YWAM outreach to Mexico and she sent a thank you note...she was listing all the things that we give to her and then said how extremely grateful she was for all the support!  She was "listening to something and reminded of our family...every time this guy said just about anything inspirational or happy or something incredible about God - sure enough my eyes were full of water, I love that about our family.  We can hardly get through with telling some stories because either we are crying or everyone else is!"  She was saying how great it was to be in our family.  Our daughter feels and knows she's our beloved.  God call us His beloved.  We are His children, in His family.  He wants to give us His love - to have people say we sound like Him or act like Him.
No one can separate us from His love.  But I think we can separate ourselves from Him and miss what He's provided.  Prov. 8:34-35 "Blessed is the one who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting beside my doors. For whoever find me finds life and obtains favor from the Lord."  I felt God was saying to me at the park, that I was dancing just outside His door instead of entering in with Him. 
I was thinking how would I feel as a parent if one of my children kept their distance and didn't receive all that we wanted to give them???  Or how might our child feel - being so close, yet not getting cared for and provided for because they're keeping themselves just out of reach???  I think we can keep ourselves from receiving from God by being too busy, too distracted, feeling like the victim, not believing what He says about us, or feeling like we're close to His we're ok.
Jer. 32:40 God never stops doing good to you...Rom. 8:32 God gave up His own Son for us and with Him graciously gives us all things.  Beloved.  He calls us His beloved.   He wants us in His family.  Take a moment to be in a posture to receive...not only receive as sons and daughters of the King...not just being at His door but entering in...and being grateful for what has and is providing for us.

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