Sunday, July 10, 2011


I love when I can get together with my sister, Cindy.  We went through a time when we were younger that we weren’t close!  (Remember junior high fighting!)  She is a year older than me and now we wish we could live near each other.  We would have fun working on crafts together, being grandmothers together and laughing!  Whenever we get together we tell each other fun, embarrassing or crazy experiences that we have or others have and we laugh.  We laugh until we cry.  While we tell stories or experiences we start laughing so hard the other person can’t understand a single word…yet we laugh!
The great thing about us laughing until we cry is that we got it from our mom, Shirley.  She passed down this family trait.  My sister and I are passing this heritage we got from our mom to our own children.  I remember when our children were younger and my family would be together, telling stories and laughing…our children wondered what was wrong with us!  Now they join in with the story telling and experience sharing and the laughing until they cry!
Recently I was with my family and we enjoyed retelling stories from the past…we have a few favorites that always get told. Our mom was good material for fun, embarrassing or crazy experiences and we love to tell her stories.  It doesn’t even have to be times when we’re together in person…although that is the most fun!  My sister and I have been telling each other stories over the phone for years! Our own children and now our grandchildren are great sources for fun stories! 
This time to tell stories and experiences is a place of connection for my sister and me and now for my own children. …makes us glad we’re family…good things that we remember and enjoy as family.  There is no lack of fun, embarrassing or crazy experiences to tell and retell over the years.  I look forward to times when I can get together with my family and with my own children to tell these stories that bring us together…that remind us that we are connected, it is our heritage as a family.

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