Thursday, August 4, 2011

laughing part 2

Stories from college days...we really enjoy them...other's seem to laugh along, but...who knows????
We have such a history with our friends from college.  At first we thought that every one had friends from college or earlier...that it was the norm.  Then after quite a few years and we were still getting together we started to think maybe this was something special.   When our own children didn't realize they were not related to this group...we really thought WOW this IS a special connection!  Our own children thought they were blood relatives until they were in their teens!  Now through marriage we actually are relatives!  How crazy is that!!  Love it!

The guys especially had been very busy with pranks and naughtiness during the college days!  The girls of the group were very...spiritual?...focused?...not into naughtiness????  The fun part is that when we get together we tell some of the same stories over and over again...and we love it!  Our children love to hear the stories...and it seems that 'newbies' to the group like to hear the stories too! I wonder if they think 'are they for real'?! Of course now our children are telling and retelling their own stories!  So much laughter going on!!!
How great for God to give us a reminder of some fun things in our past!  This is also a heritage for our family...for our friends...that we tell stories...that we laugh...that we have connection!

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