Monday, October 31, 2011

The emergency room

The Emergency Room

The beautiful pumpkin colored hat, with pleats that tapered down to her forehead, sat majestically on her like a crown.  The skirt was of the same pumpkin color while her blouse was a warm yellow that blended so well with the orange.  Her scarf and skirt were adorned with beads the color of the autumn leaves… bright greens, yellows, oranges and reds. Her cultural dress was warm and cheerful.   She was warm and cheerful as she waited for her daughter in the emergency room.

Her face lit up when she smiled, even as she was holding her sick toddler.  The little guy liked to look behind her and found our willing smiles.  Playing peek-a-boo with him, he tried to mimic the actions of covering his eyes…then erupting into giggles causing his surprised mother to turn.  It was only me smiling back at him.  The grandma was waiting off to the side, concerned for her daughter and grandson.  She had the same infectious smile on her gentle and caring face, as she enjoyed the sounds of her grandson giggling.

The physically disabled boy lay coughing, his arms never leaving his chest.   His mom roughly wiping a cloth across his face to catch the dribbles.  Her look of defeat – once more in the emergency room, once more wasting time waiting for the doctor to once more tell her there’s no  hope for her son’s full recovery.
The old granny sitting in a wheelchair taking her turn waiting for the doctor.  Her dress a jumble of colors and patterns – nothing matching.  Her smile, a toothless grin, warm and inviting…showing the patience she’s learned in the waiting.

The young, inquisitive doctor wondering if we were being cared for.  The joy to find another believer and one who speaks our language.  The sweetness of the Holy Spirit to bring comfort from a stranger.  His smile that said you are noticed in the midst of the waiting people…giving his time to answer questions and to pray.

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