Monday, June 11, 2012

Insights from nature...more on the bent trees

…The bent trees

The trees are blown by the storm, nearly breaking them in half.  Gum Trees are fast growing, but their roots haven’t the time to grow deep.  Sometimes we’re like that in our walk with God.  When our storms hit we don’t stand up to the pressure.  

The best scenario for the trees and us is time to grow strong deep roots.  One storm that has ripped across my life is finances/money.  I’ve been fearful and fretting over not having enough…wondering how we’d survive only to see my trust was in the money and not in God.  As I started to depend on God as my provider, my roots were deepening.

Part of the process was learning and believing who God is and the other was knowing me – struggles, strengths and seeing where I needed to grow.

These trees continue to stand – held up by the trees closest to them.  In a desperate financial time, a friend truly wanted to help us, but felt God say NO ‘I’m handling this’.  Seems like that response would increase my storm, but actually brought comfort and hope – strengthening me.

In community, surrounded by friends like the trees in the forest, I have support, knowing I’m not alone, being encouraged to grow and stand strong in God.

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