Saturday, July 21, 2012

Plans change

We make our plans, what we think will happen…what we want to happen.

We made our plans to travel to Australia in October 2011, a big deal since we’ve never been before.  We were going to be busy loving on people, being a help in their journey with Jesus.

We had been excitedly planning for an activity...mountain biking.  Rich especially took much time to find the right equipment at the right price, enjoying the process with a fellow biker.    Planning the details…rides around the lake…joining with others…a plan to get physically fit, enjoy creation and each other.  

Our plans drastically changed.  On our first bike ride, Rich had an accident and broke his leg!  3 days later we were to begin our trip to Australia.  Cancelling the trip was so disappointing…Rich was in pain, needing surgery, many phone calls and much waiting!

A new plan – not what we thought or even wanted…instead of connecting with friends and seeing their homes or exploring a new land with new faces,  our plan was for rest and recovery.

In the midst of major change of plans…little changes happen along the way.  Our friend Monique planned a visit in September 2011, but had to change her plans to come in October…since our plans changed, we were here for her stay!  

My plan to cover my gray hairs was changed when Monique said ‘go a little darker’, the box I chose turned out to be much darker than shown…so I went from light brown to almost black!  Not my plan at all!  (But it's been fun for a change...)

Rich has said, God isn’t present in our plans, He’s present now!  We have been looking with eyes of faith in all these changes – to see where God is moving and directing us in the now.

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