Saturday, August 18, 2012

Plastic Storage Bins

44 bins...roughly what we had stored of our life in the states.  I say had because this summer our son Ben and I were out in his garage (where he stores bins for us).  Ben was on a hunt for more space  and 'made' me go through as many bins as he could grab!   Might I say this was a bit traumatic for me!  He insists that I'm much worse than him in 'keeping' things (we might have said the word "pack rat"!).   I say his perspective is off..they're not his treasures!  I think we sorted through 4 or 5..lucky for me that's all the time we had!

In one bin of treasured  drawings,  letters, notes, report cards, etc. I pulled out a handful to read on my flight back to Africa. Tears falling down my cheeks as I read.  One note was from a sweet godly lady who lead a Bible study years ago, listened to our hearts cry for our children (and families) and prayed fervently with and for us.  Her note was a prayer for one my children...encouraging me then to keep praying and trusting God.  Encouraging  now as I have experienced the answer to that prayer. Many prayers answered  seeing  my children respond to God's love and call in their own lives.  What a blessing to find in a bin!

I think we're down to 40 bins, although we didn't get rid of much, Ben did a great job organizing!


  1. well. bins are always a good way for keeping things organised. they help keep minor things grouped and easy to find.

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