Monday, October 1, 2012


Grandmother love My grandmother name is Grammy. Our youngest granddaughter, Kennedy, can't quite say grammy yet (summer 2012), but she knows who I am...I am teaching her to say "oof dah", (norwegian slang for 'oh no' or 'oops').  Brooklynn calls out to me and then wants to swing around in circles...I can't do that too much or I get dizzy!  She's little miss independence so I relish the times she wants to call me and be held.  Kaia loves to sing her thoughts and uses her low bass and her high soprano...and laughs along with us as we get entertained.  Line loves to tell her thoughts and wants to make sure you hear every one of them in her make believe play.  She said I have a "Grammy-mother"!  Walker let me be a part of the process of  learning to tie his shoes!  He likes to wear his handsome clothes like his dad...button down collor shirts!  Taylor, her put together look with shirt, sweater and scarf, she's a fashion girl...wonder where she gets that! What a wonderful blessing to be a Grammy!  We are thankful for the times we get to spend with our grands(...and for skype!).  And we have more sweet grands on the way! In S. Africa, GoGo is my grandmother name.  GoGo's  here work hard, carrying  most of the burden for their families.  Many of their children have died due to sickness.  They are raising their own grandchildren as well as looking after children in their communities.   I'm honored to be named in this group, even though we don't have the same circumstances, we have love for our grandchildren, wanting the best for them.  Coming into a community, hearing the children call out 'GoGo',  warms my heart.  I give a grandmothers love here too.

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