Saturday, October 13, 2012

Proclamation by the King...

Reading in Nehemiah 2 about the favor Nehemiah  had from the king in going to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.  Enemies try to discourage him and the people...his reply (Vs 20)  "the God of heaven will prosper us, and we, His servants, will arise and build, but you have no portion, right or claim in Jerusalem."

 Our neighbor's garage got broken into recently, it's not the first time.  It's frightening and enough that they want to move from the property.  My cry to God...'there has to be something'...we can't just be frightened looks like the enemy is winning!  We know that's not the true picture...not the Kingdom of God coming and His will being done!

I felt like in the days of kings and knights...the king would have a proclamation posted, people would pass by, read it, know it was the truth...that the king would follow through.  I felt the Spirit rising up in me to proclaim Nehemiah 2:20...over our family, over our house, over our property, over this valley...'the God of heaven will prosper us, we His servants will arise and build, BUT you (enemy) HAVE NO PORTION, RIGHT OR CLAIM HERE'!  I went out,  walked the property and prayed this proclamation!  In the heavenly realm there is movement!  The king has made His wishes known!

I got to share this with 2 gals who are prayer warriors...who want God's Kingdom here, want His will being done and are going to issue God's proclamation in their homes and areas of influence.

By order of the King of Kings!

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