Monday, November 12, 2012


Big bonfires built in drums to warm our hands and hinies frozen while we skated around the community ice rink.  Oregon cold was the norm with white the color of everything blanketed in snow! Well...until spring poked its head in and brought the dirty melting mess!

Quite a different picture from the South Africa lowveld winter...where chilly is the norm with brown the color of everything blanketed dry and dusty.

Sometimes winter seasons in our lives aren't that much fun.  They can seem overly long...too hard, too many set backs...dry times in our walk with God.  

The one bright spot in this dry, dusty landscape is a glorious display of color from the  bougainvillea  plant. Beautiful bright red or purple flowers cascading over the fences as I drive by.  They bring a smile and hope to my heart.

I think this beauty in the midst of winter is a reminder that color and life will come again...that God isn't finished yet.

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