Friday, June 14, 2013 where the heart is

Since we are packing up our home, this has been on my mind.  Where is home?

I asked Rich and a friend what home means to them...they said a place where you are safe, honored, respected, celebrated, able to be yourself, understood, known, listened to,  have a voice, accepted, supported, cared and provided for, welcomed, you belong, have fellowship, are comforted, have memories, a place you can always go to.

I've learned some things about myself in this journey...I've never had a desire to be a vocational I've been living this adventure since 2004!

In past seasons I couldn't wait to have time away from the house, now I look forward to extended times at home.

I had no thought of living anywhere but the I feel like I'm home  in South Africa these last 5 years.  I will miss this house.

I'm grateful God has filled my heart with what home means, the welcoming, belonging, acceptance and intimacy.   I can take home with me wherever I go.

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