Wednesday, September 25, 2013

For Grace's book...

Check out what I wrote about the book, Crossing Intersections, by our friend, Grace Samson Song!

 NO! NOT PROCESSING AGAIN! I have some friends that don't use the word 'process' anymore. It has taken on a negative value...partly due to being forced to 'process' in an unhealthy environment. Even though we make fun of the word, I find there is much value in stopping and looking at life's changes. I like the illustration Grace used about being in a car at an intersection. I am a visual person and I will remember the acronym I learned in this book...
S – step back
 T - think
 O – observe
 P – proceed ...and I love the thought of contemplation being "open space for observation"!

 My husband and I had lived most of our married life in California. We managed through quite a few changes and moves where we didn't use the principles found in this book! We learned the hard way through some of our set backs. One of our biggest lessons and something we love to pass on to others is taking the time to process through life's moments. One thing this book highlights.

 One particular move was hard for me...Connecticut. We were thinking of joining a missions organization called Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in New Haven. After our initial visit, I wanted to turn around and run home! But, we had tools to use in figuring out if this was right...not just for us, but for our family. Our choices are not isolated to us, but effect others around us. Because we "stopped", processed and listened we were all blessed by the move we made!

 Since making that move my husband and I have lived in White River, South Africa for the last 5 1/2 years. We are currently in a 'life intersection'...thinking of another move within South Africa. This book comes at a good time for remind us to "step back, think, observe and proceed. I recommend this book to all in the journey of changes and moves.

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