Friday, September 20, 2013

Father Heart

Boa Targe (good afternoon)! 

Several weeks ago during a worship time at City Church Greenville the Father overwhelmed us in grace and love! Something broke off during a few moments where young people moved to us and began to pray and bless us! One of our friends said he wished he could've videoed what he witnessed from the back of the church. " People were jumping over pews to get to you guys!". We were so honoured and prophetically encouraged! We felt His presence and a poverty broke off that was so liberating. That moment put into motion a series of opportunities for us too step into this new freedom. 

A few days later we were flying to NYC to teach and then head to Brazil, Australia, South Africa, and back to the states. We had no visa for Brazil at the time and we only had the means to cover the flight from Greenville to NYC. But we were celebrating a freedom pronounced over us at the church that Sunday. 

Abba sowed into us this ministry trip. Powerful time in NYC ministering God's heart. Before we left we had tickets to cover our flight to Brazil and to Australia. Our visa to Brazil was delayed one day and instead of a one time entry visa they gave us a multi-entry visa for 10 years! Our time in Brazil was again a sneaky Jehovah preparing the hearts for people to experience the Father's love and heart. Orphans, leaders and pastors, young people and families got wrecked by Abba. Brazil is a beautiful nation and amazing people. But in the midst of their blessing as a people, many young people struggle in sexual identity and the pursuit of comfort in things that take life…not in the One who gives life. Many of our nights ended in prophetically praying for people with most nights ending well after midnight. One night we prayed for about 150 people who stayed to be prayed over… it was wonderful. The Father's heart violently repossessed His children in loving kindness.
We are now at the airport in Sao Paulo and heading to Australia to begin a week of teaching at a YWAM base near Sydney. And guess what? Abba blessed us for the next part of this journey and we have tickets covering our domestic flights in Australia and our tickets too South Africa:)))) Walking in joyful provision and positioned to let the Father surprise us! 

We visited an orphanage in Tres Coroas and had a moment to pray over the kids and dorm parents. A couple living with all the girls had their son and his girlfriend visiting while we were there. Abba gave the moment to speak into their lives and the girlfriend asked Jesus to be her saviour! We enjoyed house churches, services, and the beauty of Brazil and it's people… thank you Father for loving, adopting, and opening the hearts here to receive new names!!! 

Thanks for partnering with us and may you celebrate your inheritance in Brazil,

Ciao,   Rich and Lynn

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