Monday, October 14, 2013

It's all about building relationships!

We wanted to let you know how your prayers and support have affected the lives of people  in South Africa. We received wise counsel from the very beginning of our time in South relationships.  Relationships take time, they will go through ups and downs.  AND they are the place of transformation.

A family with a heart for orphans in their neighborhood, started feeding children out of their garage.  We helped out of our, feeding, and playing.

Being around the volunteers...helping out...having fun...Lynn built relationship and trust.  These ladies wanted more, asked for a study, and we worked through 'Every Young Woman's Battle', a book on sexual purity.  Some of these volunteers are married, some are mommies without marriage...all have been sexually active.  They were excited to get the truth...facts they needed and didn't get.  They are sharing what they learned, to prevent the youth from making the same the foundations and support for young people to make good decisions.

 I'm humbled and amazed at how God uses the broken parts of my life and gives me authority to speak what's bring healing from the guilt...hope for something be a help to other people...who in turn find healing, hope and can speak out in authority and help others.  Thank you for partnering with are life changers!

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