Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Who are we? Is this life a dream?

Who are we?  Is this life a dream?

 I remember being very young, sitting with my family outside the fence at the Portland, Oregon airport...watching the planes take off and land.  Never any thought that I would one day get in one of those planes.   No one I knew was flying... anywhere!  I didn't get to take my first flight until I was 24!

I need to pinch myself and ask, what kind of life are we living?!  We step off a plane from Brazil...walk out on to the beaches of Australia!  From the beaches of Australia to a Safari in Africa!  We fly all over the world...we have been on 6 of the 7 continents!!

Besides the beauty of new and different places...we get to pour into others what God has poured into our lives.  
From churches to rooms full of young people at a YWAM base...people who are hungry for what God has for them...wanting to discover who God is and hear from God, who they are.

Going to wonderful lands,  having a high invitation to be a part of lives, making new friendships.  What a privilege!

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