Thursday, November 21, 2013

How can we...

Rich and I have been journeying nonstop for the last three months. From New York to Brazil to Australia to South Africa!  It's been a time of teaching and ministry.  Our core value is to invite people into our lives as family.  To build a bit of equity so God's Spirit can minister through us.

Every week  a new group of people to meet, faces to recognize, names to memorize...FOR THREE MONTHS!  We are not 24-7 people!!  Sometimes it was a family with their children, spouses and grandchildren!   Some weeks it was up to 300 people on a YWAM base or at a Church.

We got asked many times, "how do you do it"?  At our second to last stop, during worship we we're singing how great and faithful God is and that His mercies are new every morning.  Looking at a big world map painted on the wall, we were seeing how great and faithful God had been in all our travels -providing, protecting (we never got sick),  moving before us in life and ministry...and how every place God gave new mercy for that week, day, moment!  Wow!

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