Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Out on a limb

For some of the years Rich has been in ministry, I worked with him.  Other years I gladly took on more of a support role, especially as a young mom.  When we joined YWAM in 2004, I was back in full time ministry.  With many confirming words over the years, we knew that doing ministry together would be best for us and command a blessing.

Traveling to many nations, Rich and I are on a 3 month, nonstop trip of ministry & teaching.  We like to pray over people together...sometimes people call it being "Hodged" or a "Hodge sandwich"!  I am comfortable with that...I am not out on a limb by myself.  I can hide behind our 'togetherness'.

Recently in Brazil, after a church service, about 150 people came forward to receive prayer.  We had to split up, it was too many for Rich and his translator, so a translator (the pastor's daughter) was called up for me.  No more leaning on Rich, I was 'pushed out!

Leaning on Abba instead, we prayed with a heart to listen and speak the truth.  Amazing...humbling...encouraging...the next night my translator gave testimony that prayers were 'spot on'!  God is so good and push me out, reward my risk and bless His people through me.

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