Monday, April 14, 2014


Encounter with the living God.  I've been saying that I'm 55...that was so last year! Ha!

I was trying to get to my "quiet time".  Every time I went to read I started crying.  What is up with that!  But, I say 'ok' because I know God has my good in mind.  After about the third try, journaling thoughts in between, I finally get the sense of 'surgery'.  "But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which He loved us..."(Eph. 2:4). Again, I say 'yes'...He is so tender in His love for me, His rebuke and desire to bring change.

I hadn't planned on deep soul searching.  I was trying to get my quiet time out of the way so I could start my day! Ha again!  But I had a sweet encounter with the living God and He changed my heart...again!  He pointed out places where through the circumstances that were happening I was picking up lies...false beliefs that have affected how I thought about myself, what I allowed and how I viewed Him and myself.

There has been on going heart work for years.  And the Savior of the universe knows when I'm ready to go deeper and expose more damage that the world has done in my life.  He brought more truth...that invaded my heart, mind, body and soul!  To that I say yes and amen!  "...that He might show the immeasurable riches of His grace in kindness towards us...(Eph. 2:7)"

I started this note with my age because many believe there is an 'arrival age' in life.  My wet tissue says no to that lie!   I believe the journey to our heart and more of Gods' heart continues through this lifetime...maybe into forever.  I'm good with that.

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