Thursday, May 29, 2014

Son's update

I just arrived back in the states after a week of teaching in Cape Town. While on the plane I was able to process the past few weeks. I was reminded again and again of the kindness of Abba and His amazing providence. EVERYTHING that takes place in this life is about relationship! Hidden in every struggle and heartache is more intimacy with Abba and with each other. Providence is relational treasure hunting and if we wait it out long enough, we'll be amazed.      
It was a few weeks ago when we got the news that Richie had a tumor on his spinal cord and was transferred to a hospital in San Francisco. After many tests he underwent surgery to remove the mass and it was a complete success. They were able to get it all and we're just waiting for the results from pathology on what kind of tumor it was. Both Lynn and I were in Greenville, SC getting ready to fly to Cape Town when Richie called us from the hospital. We had a sense from the Lord to change our flights and got a last minute flight to SF. We flew out to be with Richie at the hospital for the better part of the week and I flew to South Africa the day after surgery when it was clear that everything was going to be okay. 

The ministry of being present is so powerful. When we got to the hospital we carried a peace in our presence that shifted the atmosphere in his room. Being with him, standing by his side, praying and kissing his face… presence and touch shape a circumstance into hope. As I stood over him just before surgery I was reminded of the time when Richie was about 9. He was playing football in northern Calif during a hot season of summer. One practice the coach told the kids to run around the track 10 times. I watched him run from my camping chair under the shade of a tree. As he was running I could see he was grabbing his side and struggling after just 2 laps. As he came around the 3rd time I stood up and went to the 3 ft fence that separated us from each other. I wanted Richie to see me standing for him. I couldn't run his laps but I could shape the moment in hope by standing. Later that night the Lord reminded me of the story of Stephen when he was being stoned in Acts 7. He looked up and saw Jesus standing at the right hand of God. That's so powerful because everywhere else in scripture Jesus is seated! 
I got another chance to stand for Richie and Lynn and I sensed that all of you stood with us and for us. We are so grateful and honored to have you be apart of this story. Tucked away in the fold of this time is a relational gift that we are still discovering…. so we encourage you as well to search and hunt for the relational upgrade. At work with a boss or co-worker, at home with a spouse or sibling, at church with a pastor or leader… look for the gold:)

Prophetically something really great has been happening for us in ministry. The past year or so many people have been speaking into Lynn's life about speaking to larger groups. Lynn has always been gifted in a smaller setting but recently some opportunities have opened up and she is AMAZING!!!!! We sense the Lord will bring many more invitations for Lynn to speak:)

The recent schedule has hit us financially. Changed flights, last minute flights to SF, cancelled flights, rental car, hotels, etc. We are asking for your help for this need. You might wonder what the need is and look for me to give you a number. But if I did you would be stepping into my faith. I encourage you to ask Abba and step into your faith. Below are a number of links in which you can give to us. The fastest way and which also gives you a tax receipt is through City Church in Simpsonville. If you give through YWAM it just takes a bit longer but still works. You can also give through Paypal and also YWAM Canada. Thanks so much for helping us in this time. 


CITY CHURCH…. click on the link and set up an account with your email and password. When you log on the giving page click on the to: and pick benevolence. It has a space for an additional note… put Rich and Lynn Hodge in that box. 

YWAM GIVING USA AND CANADA…. … gives full details and bottom of page is link to give directly to us through the YWAM Canadian office. 

PAYPAL…   Click on the Paypal button on the right side of the homepage.

We are so grateful we are not alone… you are standing for us!

Rich and Lynn

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