Monday, October 6, 2014

Using me?!

Knowing we would be traveling a bit more, in June 2013 we packed up our home of 5+ years in South Africa.  We loved our home!  Loved having people over and hosting them…even the teams we had for a week to ten days weren’t work for us!  

In the past I’ve felt a bit inadequate…no “formal” training, didn't finish college, “just” a mom at home…it tickled me that God stepped in and touched people using me!  People felt loved on and ministered to at our home through me!

Back then, we couldn’t help but think God wanted a physical place/house like that for us in the future.  And if not, I was saying I’m available and willing to partner with Him as He steps in to touch people using me wherever I am.  Trusting Him to set up our future.  Letting God make adjustments in me, so I don’t get in the way, but get in His way so His name is lifted up and seen.

         Continuing in the journey of being used and amazed by God!

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