Monday, December 8, 2014

Moments and Adullam!

Today I'm thinking of my little brother Pat, he would've been 55 today. I'm remembering stories, conversations, and family gatherings. At Pat's memorial service many shared their moments with my brother. His life didn't carry the hallmarks of what most would consider success. He didn't own a home, have his own family, start a company, or have a degree. His life would seem to be very underwhelming... moment after moment held together by the relationships that were important to him. Conversations filled with hope and sadness, joy and pain, love and regrets... life!  And each of these moments made Pat significant.  To God, to others, to us....His life made a difference.

Today we chatted with a friend who was part of a team of 50 that Lynn and I led to Ukraine over 10 years ago.  We reminisced through stories, conversations, team times, line dancing, sharing our faith. Moments strung together which were significant and bound us together forever.  He told me that the seeds we sowed birthed over 300 churches!  Churches birthed from shared moments and conversations...sounds underwhelming, but so significant!

Today marks the 18th month we have been living out of a suitcase. Planes. Packing and unpacking.  Different beds.  New and old friends.  1000's of conversations and prayers.  Several nations.... all of this held together by moment after moment of relationships that are important.

Never, never, ever, underestimate the underwhelming moments and conversations which make up your sacred overwhelming life!  You are significant and a big deal to the Father.  You are a big deal to the people and places where you live and are called.

Over the years we have had so many of these moments in our home... no matter where we lived or how big our place was... it was filled with stories and conversations!  These past months of travel we longed for a home of retreat where we could provide a place of restoration, renewal, and celebration. After praying and seeking the Father's heart for us, we signed to purchase a home retreat in the Cape Town area of South Africa.  It will be purposed to invest in pastors, leaders, and missionaries... disciple young African leaders and send them to the nations... and continue to connect people to Africa by hosting teams from the nations.  It will be called Adullam.  The cave where David hid from Saul, rested, and got his heart back.  The place where the bankrupt, tired, and weary came for healing and hope.  The place where family comes together (I Samuel 22:1)   It means, refuge! One of our friends during a time of prayer gave us a word for this retreat.


    "Your home will be a place where the

      extraordinary can come and rest and

      be ordinary and the ordinary can come

      and be extraordinary"

Today we ask that you would join this moment and story.  We ask that you would fast one thing for the last 21 days of December (Dec 10-31).  Something you would miss and would remind you to pray for the provision to buy this retreat by the end of this year. While on our recent trip to sign for the house YWAM students decided to give in the face of their own needs! He is faithful and our provider and we ask you to stand with us is prayer cover asking for a miracle this last month of 2014.

If you would like to give or want to connect someone else to give, follow this link and it will give instructions....

We love you and thank you for being in our moments.  Moments which make a difference!

Merry Christmas,  Rich and Lynn

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