Friday, January 2, 2015


Recently we received this encouraging word from a young man. "Hey Rich and Lynn, I thought of you two when I saw this... That this is a tangible physical representation of what you two carry and allow Abba to do through you two in the Spirit! Your lives and ministry represent as parents what it means to let our Father come in and make us even more beautiful with gold and silver because we are broken. That truly The Lord works all things out for those that love him! And once it's all said and done the 'piece of art' is even more beautiful because it had been broken... I love you both".

We love to pull the gold out of people. To call out the gold and exhort people to walk out, by the Spirit, who they are as sons and daughters and to eventually be the spiritual fathers and mothers so desperately needed.

Adullam will be a place where the broken can come. Where the tired can come. Where healing can happen and the gold bring a greater beauty!

We just finished a 21 day fast which ended on Dec 31st. Our prayers have been to see the funds come in for our retreat/ministry location in Cape Town. But as is always the case it was more about how much the Father loves us. About encouragement to endure and wait long enough to be astonished. It's been a long journey as we have been without a home for 19 months but in all this the silver lining has been the Father's presence and His favor... and favor ain't fair!!!

Our faith hasn't been fully realized in dollars but it's not just about dollars... it's about all the people who are very much apart of our journey and the moments of transformation we have been able to celebrate.

We'll keep you updated on the retreat/ ministry home. Today we received the news from a ministry foundation that our deposit is covered and they have put out a matching challenge. For every dollar that comes in for the retreat they'll match 1:1 up to $100,000!!! Thankful to the Lord!

Continue to stand with us. Give if you can. Pray often. Love well.

Blessings, Rich and Lynn

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