Friday, February 27, 2015

My sweet friend, Ann

Who will notice me...looking me up and down?  Who will tell me if my lipstick looks good?  If my hair is done right?  Who will critique my style of clothes or color choices?  Ann took that place and made me (willingly) stand at attention while she checked me out!

I miss my sweet friend, Ann.  Only knowing her a few short years, she came into my life when it was refreshing having a 'mom figure'...and I was in my 50's!  She reminded me of my mom in so many ways, but especially her style and personality.

Ann was a whirlwind of beauty and activity!  She loved well and made people feel special, even when sharing her fashion sense!  She cared for the lonely and broken, encouraging them by her welcoming hugs and fervent prayers...Risk taker, bubbly, exuberant and full of fun...A life well lived, honoring to her Lord, missed this side of heaven.

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