Monday, April 27, 2015

It's Worth the Ask

Last week we were reminded of the story of Caleb after they took the land. He reminded Joshua that Moses had promised his family the high country… that’s ours. Henri Nouwen in his book, Spiritual Fundraising makes the simple connection between the love of the Father and loving others…he states, " this love launches us into the freedom of asking for large amounts of money... because you can't divorce fundraising from intimacy with Father... fundraising is a spiritual act!”.  He proclaims that when we love the rich and the poor equally; love the Father more than what we are called too, and share the vision Abba has given us… ask!  

After they took the high country Caleb’s daughter was so grateful but also asked for the springs too! A few weeks ago we were both hesitant to ask a family for a few rooms where our family could stay for Kathryn’s wedding. We prayed for a place where everyone in our family could stay but it seemed like such a pipe dream. When we asked this couple for a few rooms they responded by saying… “why don’t you all stay here and we’ll move out for the week and stay with our families”. We got the springs too! What is your next above and beyond ask? Father has given so much of His son, His heart, and His love to us…. it’s worth the ask!  

So we are inviting everyone into our ask. Here is our prayer today... Father we have gone back to you time and time again to know if what we heard was from you. Again and again you have given us peace and confirmed that the vision and heart for Adullam, a place where leaders can come and be encouraged, inspired, and restored… is your heart for the nations. We ask that you provide all that is needed by the 4th of May. We confess that what we thought this would look like is not what it looks like and in this we say thank you and ask for a heart to wait long enough to be astonished. We give up our ideas and ask that your people would respond for your names sake. May your name be glorified! 

Remember also the sellers, McKenzie and Karin. They have taken out a loan to buy another house and have already been renovating and working on their new property. Pray they too will be blessed in the journey of our faith. Pray for our realtor, Dawn, that she will experience the Father in a real and profound way. 

We have sensed to ask a few people to loan funds for us to complete the sale by Monday the 4th of May. We’ll give them their money back after the remaining funds come in from our friends in California and those who the Father is calling to give. Pray for these that will give and those we are going to ask. Pray that as Henri Nouwen said… “We ask not begging or bowing down… we ask because our love for the Father is greater than any fear to ask… we ask because He has given us a vision and a heart to love His people really well”. 

Join us this week in this journey…. love, Rich and Lynn 

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