Sunday, April 12, 2015

Milestones, Celebrations, and Adullam

On long road trips I celebrate the mile markers along the journey that let me know how much closer I am or announce how far I've traveled. I tend to celebrate the latter. My spirit seems to gravitate towards the moments I can encourage my heart in the journey traveled and in that moment stir up hope for the road ahead.

I sit here today in just such a hopeful and celebratory moment. Yesterday I gave away my youngest daughter Kathryn to Nathaniel Jordan. As I officiated the ceremony I was so aware of the milestone both Lynn and I were passing. This was a celebration of marrying off our last child of six. I sensed it was a huge milestone for us in our road traveled... we stewarded the children Abba gave to us well!

Today I'm stirred up in my spirit with great hope and a sense of excitement for a new journey to steward well. We feel younger and both sense a renewed strength to finish well in this life. Our legacy will be marked by the God we love and the people we have loved well. I believe that is why we are upsizing rather downsizing in a home. We are enlarging our dreams and increasing who and what we are called to steward!

We encourage you to pray with us and for us... we desire to finish well and lean into this road trip ahead with a greater sense of impartation... to give away what we have been given from the Father!

Adullam, the house of retreat we are believing in faith will be ours in the Cape Town area will be such a place of impartation. We have until the end of this month for the funds to come in for this property. If you are giving through YWAM the funds need to be into the office by the 15th of this month. If the funds come from other sources it needs to be into our account by April 30th.

Pray that this long journey of receiving prophetic words, Abba leading us to this home of retreat, and the funds to finish our purchase will come through in the next 18 days. Pray also for a family
 who are committed to give what we need and more... they have been through a great struggle. They recently sold their business and are waiting for a few things to clear in the process so they can release funds to us... pray it happens soon:)

Thank you again for the joy of sharing our journey and joining us too!

Rich and Lynn 


  1. Congratulations on your last daughter's wedding, and praying for the release of the funds for your home! Your new season is going to be bright and beautiful as you step into all that God has for you!

  2. Thanks for the nice to see the pics on FB. This new phase of life makes me think of a blessing a pastor friend of mine says over his friends..."May you die young at a ripe old age!"