Monday, May 4, 2015

Abba is working in the waiting...

Recently a friend sent a song to us. It was providential that the song was written and played by a friend of ours from Atlanta, Aaron Keyes. As we listened the loving sovereign presence of the Father washed over us. We listened over and over again to the truth that God is working in the waiting and that His plans are still for us to prosper. After you read this update take a moment and listen ( 

We want to thank you all for joining us in this journey of faith for Adullam. Each one of you have prayed us through the moments. In a few weeks we hope to share an overview of this epic story of God's grace, provision, and peace. Until that time we wanted to let you know the good news we received this morning.

The last few updates we asked you to pray for a couple in the San Jose area. A few years back they approached us and asked, "if money was no option what would you want?". First thing Lynn said was, "a home".  Since that time this couple has been through the most difficult of times. Today was an end to a season for our friends. In short, they won a court case this morning and the funds from the company they built are going to be released and they want to bless us!

This morning before we heard the verdict we sensed that the Father wanted us to pack and get ready to go home. We are hoping to leave in the next few days. The timing of our friends release and gift getting to us and needing to close the house in Cape Town is something providentially beautiful because our realtor put forth an idea that would possibly allow us to close on the house on the 11th or 12th of May instead of today. Pray for continued favor in the details and also with the owners. Pray that we can wire all the funds this week.

We have our first team coming to stay at the end of the month and a few friends flying over to help us get furnishings and decorate just before the team arrives.

Thanks again for shouldering with us in this season and we encourage you to celebrate with us... raise the banner of our God and celebrate!

Rich and Lynn

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