Saturday, May 16, 2015

Adullam is our Home... a home for the nations!

Today we received confirmation that the home in Fish Hoek transferred into our name! Adullam is our home and a home for the nations. The story is drenched in the providence of a Father who is so good and as Paul said, "the blessed controller of all things".

On May 1st the lawyers needed to lodge the transfer at the deeds office 10 to 12 business days before the actual transfer. It takes that long to process the paperwork. We wired the funds for transfer last month in time for the deeds office to have the transfer ready by May 1st. Our realtor said she has never seen what happened with our transfer in 21 years! When property is lodged by the lawyers it ONLY happens when all the funds to purchase are present in the escrow account. Our lawyers went ahead and lodged the transfer WITHOUT the funds being in our account... crazy good:) At the same time the deeds office, for some unknown reason to our lawyers and realtor, didn't process the transfer in a timely manner. Needing the 10 to 12 business days to process meant that our transfer date was pushed back from the May 1st closing date. During this confusion we sent a note to our lawyer, realtor, and the sellers letting them know that our funds weren't going to be in by May 1st. It was unbelievable... they all wrote back encouraging words and the date was moved to May 9th.  At this point the transfer was still being held up and our funds were not available on the 9th so we asked for an extension to the 11th. Bottom line... people gave and loaned us the funds we needed by Monday and it was transferred... today the transfer popped up at the deeds office and the house is in our name!!!!

After 2 years of traveling and living out of suitcases we are going home. We'll fly to Cape Town on the 24th and arrive on the 25th at 12:15pm. We'll have a friend pick us up at the airport with our vehicle and head to our home and start unpacking. We'll get our things out of storage and begin looking for furniture for the 7 bedrooms of Adullam.  :)

Pray with us as we transition back to South Africa. Pray for favor in relationships with various ministries, churches, and organizations. Pray for Abba's leading to places where we can get furniture and things we need for the home and the funds to cover those furnishings. Pray for health and rest as we get settled and look to host teams, families, and leaders.

We are overwhelmed at the goodness and kindness of the Father in our lives. We are so grateful for each and everyone of you who prayed, gave, and loaned us what we needed to make Adullam a reality. You all share in this story. You all are vested in this dream.

When God does something monumental make a monument... everyone one of you are living stones built on the cornerstone which forms the foundation of what we are calling Adullam, thank you!

Love, Rich and Lynn 

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  1. Rich and Lynn - incredible! Praising God right now big time! Much Love, Lindsey