Sunday, July 5, 2015

Change versus Constant

We’ve had change and transition with our traveling these past 2 years.  Packing and unpacking.  Departing and arriving.  New faces and names to remember!  Time zones and jet lag.  

It’s been a season of seeing God’s ‘mercies new every morning’.  
He’s given grace for the adventure of change and movement!  
I, for one, don’t really enjoy change.  But nearing the end of our nomadic journey I started to wonder if I wanted to be ‘constant’…was I getting used to migrating from place to place?!

Constant - ‘not changing, regular, continuing without pause or let up, steadfast, stable’… We are gladly developing rhythms in our ‘constant’ now that we are HOME!  Our own bed.  Our 
own pillows.  Cozy morning spot for reading (and coffee!)...  

Evening fire, popcorn and a movie.  

Making connections through golf.  
Walking to town.  
Walking to the next town!  
Being part of a small group.
Our own kitchen.  Hosting
people in our own home.  

Being able to celebrate both the wandering and the stops is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and presence in our lives.  There will still be travel, but we are ready for the adventure and treasures to be found in both the change and the constant. 

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