Saturday, August 8, 2015

'Grand Central' Adullum

When welcoming guests to Adullum I feel like we’re part of a movie!  Opening the gate and letting them experience the beauty, I get excited showing the place off!  We’ve been busy giving tours to friends and guests…after being in our home only a few days, we hosted a dinner party!  We barely had our living areas set up…[our friend, Tacie, came to help - her goal:  our space set up before she left…so she pushed us hard:)!]

We had our first official visitors to Adullum, a Brazilian family of 4, after being in our home just 3 weeks!  Why wait?!   People from 12 nations have come through our home in the first 6 weeks!  We’ve hosted YWAM Circle gatherings, held dinner parties, hosted missionaries that needed rest, and provided a place for a family to get away.  Remembering our years in White River, we had people from over 40 nations come through our home!  

There’s a sense of “Grand Central Station” over Adullum…someone had a picture that we’ll open our door and there will be a line of people, waiting to get in.  Psalm 2:8 “ask of Me and I will give You the nations as Your inheritance…”  Amazing the nations that will come to us, that we get to pour into and extend the Father’s love.  Having conversations, making meals together, sitting by the fire - even walking along the beach.

How blessed we are to live in a place of retreat and to provide retreat for many.  We are excited to welcome the friends we’ll meet from many nations.  We will be busy!

We're headed off to the states in a few weeks to secure our new 3 year visa's and appreciate your prayers. We're also going to be ministering and speaking in various places and if you have any connections and want us to come and minister or meet someone please let us know. We'll be in NYC, SC, WA, CA, TX, and Vegas. Also be praying for Lynn. She needs to see a Dermatologist in the states and get checked for a problem with her hands in which they often go numb.... pray for healing.

We are so blessed and grateful,  Rich and Lynn


  1. Wow, you guys!!! You are a blessing indeed!

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  3. This place is clean and has nice ambiance, more like modern than classic. Our visit to venue NYC was just amazing. I believe it was a treat to be here. It would be a treat to attend another event here.