Monday, October 12, 2015

Blessing at Adullum

This is what I love about my home…that people are blessed by being here.  We have it in our hearts to spoil people when they come to visit.  Part of that spoiling is the beautiful space with an ocean view and all the greenery in the garden. It truly feels like a retreat from the world.

We’ve just hosted a group of 24 - leaders and their students from various schools and communities.  Their visit actually started out pretty rough….a phone was stolen, but recovered quickly!  God is so redeeming, their stay ended being a special time for the entire group.   The students hadn’t been to such a beautiful home before AND even got to visit the ocean...some for the first time!

Loving on our guests through hospitality - making sure they have what they need to enjoy their stay, welcoming them with a gift bag and a smile.  We want their spirit’s filled up as well as their belly’s!  We go out of our way to serve yummy meals and spoil them with special treats.

Talking around the table is another part of the blessing - getting to know each other and see what Abba is up to.  Having a chance to tell our story and boast of what the Father has done!  (Psalm 40:5, 9-10)  Through out their stay, we continue listening to the Father during conversations - stopping to pray for His healing touch, giving an encouraging word, seeing their faith rise.

Hearing the different stories of how touched they were by being in our home encourages us… from hope restored over a loved one, thanks for being taken care of with healthy meals, encouragement to believe God for more, blessing of being celebrated, peaceful space enjoyed, and renewed and restored health.  We get blessed by our visitors as much as they get blessed by us!

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  1. Wow! So blessed for that retreat. You both are doing such wonderful things with it! It is gorgeous. Cannot wait to come visit.