Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Philippa Jane's Journey for us all...

Little over a month ago we received the news that Pip had an inoperable brain tumor. We flew the next day to join our kids with the heart to help and encourage in anyway possible. We are now in a time of waiting. She was scheduled today for an MRI which would've given our kids the information needed to decide on treatment options. Unfortunately she came down with a cold and chest cough and wasn't able to have the tests. She has been rescheduled for January 9th. We continue to pray she gains weight and eats well and for the peace that passes all understanding for Heidi and Andy. It's been amazing to see the strength of Andy and Heidi as they go through this time... and the help Ben and Becca
(brother and sister married to brother and sister) have provided... and they live 6 houses away!

The other day Lynn asked me if I was depressed. It's important in life to not just blow off a question from someone who knows you. I began to process this and it took me immediately to a time when we needed to cross a 6 mile sand dune to get to an amazing beach town in Mozambique. We couldn't travel over the sand because our tires were too thin and needed more width. So we got a taxi ride from an old rocker dude. He proceeded to let out almost all the air in his tires so he could get as much tread on the sand as possible thus transporting more weight onto the sand. It was amazing to see 8 of us piling into an old land cruiser with pretty much flat tires and making it over the 6 miles of dunes to our beach destination.

I'm not an expert on depression but I got a simple picture.... just let the air out of all you are carrying and let me breath life and carry you to amazing places your heart has always wanted to go! It's funny, when I was young I wanted my tires to be overfilled and tall and they never lasted as long as advertised. But if you deflate to recommended pressure they last longer and touch so much more of the road and journey.

I turn 60 in just a few days and I celebrate that in the past 25 years I've slowed down enough to listen more than talk, ask questions more than give opinion, and just perhaps deflate my tires enough to go through difficult terrains... like our present family hardship. Again, I'm not an expert on depression but I'm learning to listen to the Spirit of my heart and discover there are new adventures all around me and that perhaps my depression is a releasing of the air pressure so I can have better traction to go to the places in my spirit not yet celebrated or embraced.

Our home has continued to be a place of hope, encouragement, rebuilding, and restoration! Even in

our absence our dear friends, Tyron and Heidi Isaacs, have carried on our spiritual gift of hospitality and visiting teams at our home have carried it on further; one group hosting a YWAM team of over 50 people with meals, love feasts, movies, popcorn, and moments of prayer and worship at our house... SO GREAT!!!!

We are holding our schedule  lightly so we can be available to help our kids through this time. As it comes to the end of the year we would be honored if you would playfully and prayerfully consider financially giving to help with our costs here in Washington as well as back home in South Africa. We'll need to take a few more trips home for brief times of planning and helping with teams when they arrive and also take care of regular house maintenance stuff. As year end comes perhaps you can partner with us in your giving and prayers. We also want to thank all who have already given in tis season, we are so grateful!

You can directly give in these ways: Direct checks send to Lynn Hodge C/O Heidi Stuhlmiller 4217 S Ivory St Spokane, WA 99203-6251. Paypal account is our email address,  YWAM giving go to our blog... and click on the donate tab and follow the careful directions on how to give to us through YWAM as a tax deduction.

We appreciate your prayers and love for all of us and encourage you in this season to rest in the joy of waiting! "Because He is our cornerstone those who trust are never in a hurry" Isa 28:14.... "and wait long enough to be astonished" Hab. 1:5

Enjoy this time of year with your family and friends!

Love, Rich and Lynn 

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